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Car Locksmith

Car Locksmith

Can't find your car keys?
Keys locked inside your car?
Forgot your keys in the car trunk?
Or maybe you need spare keys?
Worried about programming your new transponder key?
CALL SpotALocksmith

We offer comprehensive car key services 24/7. At SpotALocksmith, we understand that most car key situations are urgent. We provide a wide range of services to solve all car key issues nationwide.

SpotALocksmith is a team of highly-trained, and skilled locksmiths. Our goal is to provide you the best lock-and-key services by trusted locksmiths.

Therefore, SpotALocksmith prides on its hand-picked, board-certified locksmiths.
When you call us, we make it our duty to serve you with quality and efficiency.
With our service comes our 8 years of experience, our mark of credibility and our established reliability.

SpotALocksmith proudly offers you:

FAST SERVICE- We will reach wherever you are in less than 20 minutes.
QUALITY-SERVICE- Our locksmiths are well-trained and skilled.
EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS- With 8 years of experience, we can take on any locksmith job.
RELIABILITY- With our hand-picked team of certified locksmiths.
BEST RESULTS- Whatever the problem, we provide the best solutions.
AFFORDABILITY- We give the best rates in the market.

Keys Locked Inside The Car:

A car lockout situation is very common and happens more often than you realize. Spot A Locksmith understands that a car lockout is a RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW situation, and we have all services to cater to all sorts of emergency needs.

Whether you have locked the keys inside the car, or in the car trunk, we are here to help you. Call us for emergency service. We want you to relax and make sure you are safe. Our locksmith will reach you in less than 20 minutes. He will come equipped to help you in all sorts of situations.

For a trained locksmith, opening a car lock without keys is an easy job and takes only 5 minutes. While doing that we make sure to not damage the lock or the door.

In case your keys are in the trunk, our locksmith will try to get inside the car through doors, and then open the trunk. However, if the doors cannot be manipulated without a key, a deadlock feature might come into play. But do not worry, our locksmiths have spent years in handling such situations.

During all the services, it will be our priority to keep your car scratch-free.

We will make sure you are back on the road in the least time.

In case your car keys have broken or been damaged in the situation, our locksmith is well-trained and can provide you a new key by car key cutting or car key replacement.

  • Our locksmiths will reach you in less than 20 minutes.

  • We will open the car lock for you in a few minutes.

  • We will make sure that your car is not damaged in any way during the process.

  • Our rates are very affordable.

  • You get quality service by certified locksmiths.

Car Key Cutting:

A car-lockout situation might end up damaging your car keys. In any such situation, you will need to get a duplicate car key. Our expert locksmiths will make you a duplicate key by using the Key Cutting technique.

We can work on all kinds of keys like:

  • Standard Key

  • Laser-Cut Key

  • Switchblade Key

  • Wafer key

If you are stuck in a situation where you need a duplicate instantly, just give us a call. Our trained auto-locksmith will arrive there as soon as possible. The locksmith will then cut make a new key for your car. 

To do this he will either cut a new key by using an old key or by using a code.

(|) Key Cutting Using an Old Key:

Cutting a car key by using an existing key is an easy job for a skilled locksmith. It is the fastest way to duplicate a key and can be done in a few minutes. During this method, precision metal blades will help in cutting a new key without harming the old one.

(||) Key Cutting Using a Code:

In case the old key is lost, a locksmith can still make your key by using a code. The code can be acquired by using the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Other methods include decoding a key or decoding the ignition cylinder. Cutting a car key by code might take a bit more time depending on how soon the code is procured. But this is not difficult for our experienced locksmiths.

Although, car key cutting can be done by a dealership or maybe by trying a DIY, here is why you should choose a trained locksmith from Spot A Locksmith for your services:

We are FAST. We arrive on time and can do an incredible on-the-spot job.

We are PRECISE. We have spent years in the business and know how to cut any kind of key.

We are AFFORDABLE. No dealership will assist you in key cutting at a reasonable rate.

Car Key Replacement:

If a car key is lost or broken, you might need a key replacement. As compared to key cutting, key replacement is a little tougher, especially if it is not a standard car key.

Today standard car keys are old-school. The keys used in modern-day vehicles are TRANSPONDER KEYS. A transponder key has a chip in its bow (the fat, plastic part of the key) and is programmed to work for a specific vehicle. It may or may not have a metal blade, and uses a fob (the electronic part of the key) to start the car.

 Our locksmiths can provide you their expert car key replacement services efficiently. They will access the code of the car by using Vehicle Identification Number or by decoding the ignition cylinder. However, in cases where the original key is absent, we will first try to ensure your ownership to avoid any scamming.

Our locksmiths will also program your new transponder key. Programming a new key requires great expertise, our experienced locksmiths can seamlessly program a transponder key with a blank chip.

At Spot A Locksmith, our locksmiths are trained in advanced methods. They can also program your fob for you. A fob is programmed for a specific vehicle and cannot be reprogrammed. To program a new fob, you will need a new device. Our locksmiths will get a new device for you and then program it for your vehicle.

For your Car Key Replacement choose us, because:

Our locksmiths are trained in ADVANCED METHODS and can provide proficient car key replacement for even the newest models.

We provide car key replacement services at a very REASONABLE PRICE.

In addition to key replacement, our locksmiths can expertly PROGRAM your new Fob or Transponder Key.

Spare Car Keys Make:

If you need spare car keys, you can use our Car Key Duplication service. Car key duplication is different than car key cutting. Car key cutting includes duplication as well as code cutting.

To get your spare keys, you can provide your existing keys and we will make you copies.

Please Note: Spare car keys make or car key duplication is not used in the following cases:

If you do not have an existing key- the service you require will be Car Key Cutting, and our skilled locksmiths will do that for you.

If you need a new smart key- our locksmiths will happily assist you in programming your new smart key.

Spare car keys or duplicate car keys are only made for metal car keys when there is an existing car key. Our locksmith will replicate the bitting (the ridges on the blade of the key) of your existing key on the blade of a blank key.

A wafer key can be duplicated using a standard cutter, but to make spare keys of a slider, we use manual laser key cutter.

At Spot A Locksmith, our locksmiths know all about keys and the best ways to duplicate them. You can rest assured that your keys are in good hands. 

Automated machines at your regular hardware shops can provide duplicates by using cutting machines, but a locksmith will provide you manually cut and precise spare keys. Improper keys made by such machines or by an inexperienced locksmith will not work in your car.

 Spot A Locksmith guarantees to provide a working car-key. Even if it is a smart key, you can use our Programming Service to leave with a fully-functional spare key.

Our certified Locksmith will always provide:

  • Fast Service

  • Expert, Manual Cutting

  • Precise, Working Spare Keys

  • Affordable Price

Car Lock / Ignition Repair:

Spot A Locksmith also provides car lock and car ignition repair services. This is a comprehensive service and may include:

  • Car Key Extraction

  • Car Lock Repair

  • Car Ignition Repair

When trying to move a stuck key, if too much pressure is applied, it will lead to a breakage of the key. Moreover, it can also cause damage to your car door lock or your ignition, wherever the key was. A worn key can break and get stuck in lock or ignition. At the same time, if the lock or ignition is worn, or uncleaned for long, they may cause damage to the key. In a way or the other, the two problems are interconnected.

At Spot A Locksmith, our team of expert auto-locksmiths is fully equipped and trained to provide all the services related to car key extraction and lock or ignition repair.

Car Key Extraction:

If your key breaks in the lock or ignition, do not try to get it out by yourself. This may cause more damage to your lock or ignition. Call us! Our skilled locksmiths will reach you in less than 20 minutes. He will first assess the situation and then get the key out using a key extraction tool. This will not damage your lock or ignition.

Once the key is removed, the locksmith with check your lock and ignition for damage.

Car Lock Repair:

In case your door lock is damaged and needs repair, do not worry. You will not have to go to mechanics and pay big bills. Our trained locksmith has years of experience in repairing locks. It might sound like a hefty job, but for an experienced person, it only takes twenty minutes to repair your car lock.

Car Ignition Repair:

A broken car key can also damage your car ignition. The damage might be to the ignition switch or may have extended to the ignition cylinder. Usually, people believe that for an issue like that you have to see a car mechanic. But the locksmiths at Spot A Locksmith are skilled and trained to repair or replace car ignition on spot. In addition to your other services, a car ignition repair might take an extra 20 minutes for a trained locksmith.

  • Spot A Locksmith provides you the best auto lock and repair services:

  • A comprehensive car key extraction service.

  • We get the key out without causing damage.

  • If there is already damage, we provide on-site services.

  • Carlock repair in 20 minutes.

  • Ignition switch/cylinder repair in 20 minutes.

Car Key Programming/ Coding:

Today, most car keys aren’t your standard metal keys anymore. It is the era of sophisticated technology and even the simplest things like keys have modified. The most commonly used car keys are Transponder Keys.

A transponder key has a chip in it that connects with the transceiver of the car. This adds an extra layer of security to your car. A car that responds to one transponder key will not start with another car key or even by hot wiring.

If you want to get a new transponder key programmed, you will first need a blank transponder key. This is important as a chip that has been programmed once, cannot be reprogrammed.

At Spot A Locksmith, our locksmiths can get a blank transponder key for you and program it to your car. This is a tricky process and takes a lot of trials if you try to do it by yourself. You may still end up getting undesired results. Please remember that a wrongly programmed transponder key might open doors and windows, but you will not be able to start a car with it.

Our locksmiths have years of experience and the right tools. They will seamlessly perform their job. For a seasoned locksmith, it takes a few minutes to program a transponder key. In a few minutes, you can get a well-programmed, working transponder key.

Our locksmith can provide both in-car and remote key programming, depending on the type of vehicle. The locksmith will have to access the car’s diagnostic port. He will then access the vehicle’s computer through the port and program your blank key. This process can take a while, but you need a trusted locksmith to do a job like this. Spot A Locksmith has certified technicians, we take our credibility very seriously and hand-pick the best locksmiths for you.


We will:

  • Get you a new blank key to save you from scammers selling already programmed keys as new.

  • Expertly program your new transponder key in a few minutes.

  • Provide an in-car service.

  • You will leave a working replacement car key with a chip.

  • All this is done at a very affordable rate.